About Fritz Ryan

I was once a normal guy - like most guys - close to 50 - an ex wife, a kid, a mortgage - a lot of grief had come and gone - some loser with a drug habit was watching my old television in the house that I had built - having a kid with my ex - impressing my daughter - you know the stuff.

I'd given up worrying about money and loss and family and stuff - I spent my days working my ass off and every night with my little daughter - all the grief and bitterness slowly passed.

I woke up at about 3am - bolt upright - wide awake. The thought at last had occurred to me that I could do anything in my life that I wanted. What would I really like to do? - that’s what I was asking myself.

I'd really like to photograph a lot of young women - naked - with their legs apart - right up close. It was a feeling like admitting I was gay or something but I was admitting that I just wanted to fuck around with women - I felt like I could be 18 again. For someone who had been a committed family man it felt exciting and dangerous. I pretty much the next day went out and bought a camera.

Then I started running ads for girls - did I pick some dogs I can tell you - but one thing about mistakes is that I don't like repeating them - so I began to learn. My very first shoot was Monique – no open leg and I was more nervous than she – but at least I was started – and I wasn’t slapped in the face, beaten up or charged with an offence. My first really successful shoot was Electra but there was no video.

I was never going to be an art house photographer - although in the beginning I kind of dreamed a bit - it seemed more defensible than just shooting porn. But as time passed and the shot count and the girl count went up it started looking more and more like I was doing porn. I'd bought a video and was doing harder stuff - then on a suggestion from my tech I shot my first girl pissing - that was Heidi - after that I did my first hardcore - I think it was spaced out Alexis – and I realized the bug had bitten me - I was a pornographer.

Now I don't even blink - I shoot my stuff - I don't buy it or rip it - never have - all my girls are mine and I shot them - and I shot all over a lot of them - and shot in their mouth too - and sometimes I only shoot a girl so I can shoot on her or in her - I like shooting and I shoot a lot of shoot - I worked out a diet so I can shoot like I shoot myself shooting - you can see it.

So this is the story of Fritz Ryan - and this is the site of Fritz Ryan shooting his shit - anywhere he can - as often as he can score. I'm not an Art House photographer - nor can I do the biggest best highest res most extreme most beautiful biggest tited hardest dildoing slutiest fake moaning crack whoreing age lying bimbo-est co-ed college or barely eighteen girls on the net. But I shoot real girls - often great looking - as close to a day over 18 as I can get - but 19 or 20 will do just fine.

They have the tits of a young woman - a few skin blemishes like any teenage girl - but when they leak white cum it's real - and when they orgasm on camera it's real - and when they get exited or pissed off with me it's real.

It's real when I fuck them - point of view - in whatever apartment I'm living in - or my car - or the beach. And all the fuck ups are real – the bad lighting - annoying background shit - bad exposure. It gets really difficult when you trying to pull off a hardcore shoot on your local beach and people keep coming past.

These are ordinary girls - if you got around the same places I do you'd run into one of them in the street. And the girl at the local check-out - you know - the one with the cute tits and the little tattoo or blemish - she's the one I'm looking to hit up and she's the one you'll see inside – or a girlfriend of hers.

So now Fritz Ryan wakes up at 3 in the morning thinking of his editing schedule - or his technical shit - and often he wakes up with huge hard on because he knows at noon he's going to be shooting himself fucking a really sweet 18 yo like an Alisa or a Larisa

So this is Fritz Ryans journey – and remember there are always two people in every picture – the girl being seen and the guy looking – she just hasn’t met you.

Fritz Ryan - Pornographer